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US Announces Operational Details for Replacement of Travel Bans with Vaccine Mandate

USA - October 27 2021 Effective November 8, 2021, the Biden administration will rescind the COVID-19 travel restrictions banning most travel from Europe, Brazil, India…

Carl C. Risch, Elizabeth (Liz) Espín Stern

Sponsoring Foreign Workers for Green Cards in 2021: Top 10 Issues for Employers to Validate in the Wake of a $14.25 Million Financial Settlement

USA - October 20 2021 What’s the State of Play Today? Low unemployment rates and a shortage of STEM talent continue to drive visa sponsorship of foreign workers by US…

Elizabeth (Liz) Espín Stern

CDC Announces Vaccines Acceptable for US Travel

USA - October 11 2021 On October 8, 2021, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced which vaccines will be acceptable for travel to the United States…

Carl C. Risch, Elizabeth (Liz) Espín Stern

Green Card Applicants Now Can Apply for SSN, Replacement Social Security Card via Form I-485

USA - August 9 2021 On August 9, 2021, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced that green card applicants are now eligible to apply for a Social…

Kelcey L. Baker, Emily E. England, Elizabeth (Liz) Espín Stern

Biden Administration Considering Vaccination Requirement for Reopening Travel to the United States

USA - August 5 2021 Several news outlets, including Reuters, AP and NBC, are reporting that a condition of reopening travel to the United States may include vaccination…

Carl C. Risch, Elizabeth (Liz) Espín Stern, Paul Virtue