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Another Hong Kong forum host found liable for defamation - lessons to be learned

Hong Kong - April 10 2012 Following the recent Court of Appeal decision in Oriental Press Group Limited v. Fevaworks Solutions Limited, the Hong Kong court found another host of an Internet forum to be liable for defamatory statements posted by anonymous users.

Juliana M.S. Lee, Kenny K. S. Wong

IP & TMT quarterly review

China, Hong Kong - December 24 2014 On 11 November 2014, the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau and the Intellectual Property Department of the Hong Kong Government jointly issued…

Benjamin P. K. Choi, Gabriela Kennedy, Karen H. F. Lee, Rosita Y. M. Li, Sara S. M. Or

Footy fixture lists attract copyright

Hong Kong, United Kingdom - April 30 2010 Mouth-watering footy fixtures may come as a matter of routine for sports fans, but their preparation involves very significant labour and skill, so the court found.

Kenny K. S. Wong

HKIRC launches ".hk LOCK" to tackle domain hijacking

Hong Kong - March 5 2014 On 15 January 2014, the Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited (HKIRC) announced a new security service, ".hk LOCK", for domain name…

Gabriela Kennedy

Shadow company losing passing off case and paying the price

China, Hong Kong - May 4 2012 In a recent case Wyeth LLC v Wyeth (China) Limited (HCA 7/2010), the Hong Kong court found the defendant was set up to pass off the plaintiff's goodwill in the Wyeth trade marks (English and Chinese).

Kenny K. S. Wong