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The “iPad” trade mark dispute - Hong Kong chapter

Hong Kong - February 16 2012 Following our legal update “iPads Being Taken off Shelves in China” focusing on the “iPad” trade mark dispute between Apple Inc. (“Apple”) and the Proview group in China, we have prepared this follow-up article in response to our readers’ interest - we will look at the dispute brought before the Hong Kong courts and, interestingly, the different findings.

Kenny K. S. Wong

No strict liability on forum hosts for defamatory postings

Hong Kong - January 16 2012 Operators of a popular online forum are not primary publishers of defamatory messages posted by forum members, the Hong Kong Court of Appeal recently confirmed.

Kenny K. S. Wong

China to step up intellectual property protection in China-US pact

China, USA - November 28 2011 Recently, at the 22nd session of the China-US Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade ("JCCT") held in Chengdu, China on 20-21 November 2011, China announced its various plans to enhance intellectual property protection.

Kenny K. S. Wong

The writing is on the forum - defamation on the Internet

Hong Kong - March 3 2011 In a recent Hong Kong case (Oriental Press Group Limited v. Fevaworks Solutions Limited, 25 February 2011), operators of an online forum were ordered to pay damages of HK$100,000 for failing to remove defamatory statements posted on their forums some eight months after the plaintiff complained.

Kenny K. S. Wong

Revised patent administrative enforcement rules in the PRC

China - January 20 2011 In September 2010, the State Intellectual Property Office of the PRC (SIPO) published its draft amendments to the Patent Administrative Enforcement Rules (Rules) for public consultation.

Kenny K. S. Wong