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HETA ASSET RESOLUTION AG: Austrian Financial Market Authority imposes temporary debt moratorium

Australia - March 11 2015 By an ordinance (Mandatsbescheid) issued on March 1, 2015, the Austrian Financial Market Authority ("FMA") has initiated the resolution of HETA ASSET…

Andreas Lange, Dr. Jochen Seitz, Dr. Jörg Wulfken

Rough waters ahead: non-performing shipping loans – solutions are available

European Union - April 23 2014 The global ship finance community is facing a number of issues given the high levels of secured shipping debt held by many banks in this community…

Bill Amos, Frederick D. Hyman, Stuart McAlpine, Thomas A. Pugh, Dr. Jörg Wulfken

The restructuring of non-performing shipping loans – learning from experience in the real estate crisis

European Union - February 26 2014 European banks account for approximately three-quarters of the global ship financing market of approximately USD 475 billion, with German banks…

Bill Amos, Maggie C. K. Cheung, Stuart McAlpine, Thomas A. Pugh, Dr. Jörg Wulfken

Form outsourcing agreement for German loan transactions

Germany - September 5 2013 If a German bank uses a third-party provider to promote a loan service, the institution should ensure that the outsourcing agreement meets the…

Dr. Jörg Wulfken

Neuerungen durch das Honoraranlageberatungsgesetz

Germany - August 7 2013 Einen weiteren Baustein im neuen Ordnungssystem für die Finanzmärkte bildet neben dem KAGB das Gesetz zur Förderung und Regulierung…

Beate Susanne Dinges, Thomas Lesser, Dr. Thorsten Voss