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Duties of the former Ministry of Infrastructure are transferred to two new ministries.

Brazil - January 12 2023 Provisional Measure No. 1,154/2023 (“MP 1,154”) was published in the Federal Gazette (DOU) on January 1, 2023, the first of President Luís Inácio…

Gustavo Passos Corteletti, Joyce B. Jacobsen, Bruno Salzano, Bruno Werneck

ANTAQ Approves Resolution on Transfer of Corporate Control and Ownership of Contracts

Brazil - October 4 2021 The Brazilian National Agency of Waterway Transportation (“ANTAQ”) has approved Resolution No. 57/2021 (“Resolution 57”), published in the Union…

Gustavo Passos Corteletti, Marcelo Frazão, Bruno Werneck

Brazil: ANTAQ Launches Public Consultation and Hearing on Privatization of Companhia Docas do Espírito Santo (CODESA)

Brazil - January 8 2021 The Brazilian National Agency of Waterway Transportation (ANTAQ) launched a public consultation, initiated on December 28, 2020, on the privatization…

Marcelo Frazão, Mário Saadi, Bruno Werneck

Governo Federal reformula a Conaportos

Brazil - April 15 2020 O Decreto 10.319/2020, publicado no dia 13.04.2020 (“Decreto 10.319”), instituiu a Comissão Nacional das Autoridades nos Portos (“Conaportos”)…

Gustavo Passos Corteletti, Marcelo Frazão, Mário Saadi

Effects of COVID-19 on the Brazilian Entertainment and Tourism Sector

Brazil - April 13 2020 On April 8, 2020, Provisional Measure No. 948 (MP 948/2020) was published, which provides for the cancellation of services, reservations and events in…

Rodrigo Leal, Cristiane Manzueto