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Coronavirus Hits Home

USA - March 6 2020 As concerns about the spread of the coronavirus escalate, some of our clients have raised branch office licensing questions about employees…

Robin Gieseke, Keisha L. Whitehall Wolfe

Ready your Renewals for the Roaring 20s!

USA - October 29 2019 It’s been 100 years since the time of jazz clubs, speakeasies and flappers. A time when new inventions such as radios, movies, telephones and…

Robin Gieseke, Jeffrey Prost, Keisha L. Whitehall Wolfe

California Legislature Declares that Mortgage Debt Is Regulated under the State’s Debt Collection Law

USA - October 16 2019 For many years it was unclear whether mortgage debt was covered under the California Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (the “Rosenthal…

Jonathan D. Jaffe, Daniel Pearson

New Jersey Enacts a Law to License Mortgage Loan Servicers

USA - May 8 2019 On April 29, 2019, New Jersey joined the ranks of US states that license mortgage loan servicers when Governor Phil Murphy signed into law the…

Kris D. Kully, Jeffrey Prost

If Only: US Treasury Department Report Creates a Wish Tree of Financial Reform for Fintech

USA - September 4 2018 Regardless of whether its recommendations are achievable in whole or in part or merely aspirational, the US Department of Treasury’s (“Treasury”)…

David L. Beam, Matthew Bisanz, Emily J. Booth-Dornfeld, Melanie Brody, Kathryn E. Civitello, Krista Cooley, Thomas J. Delaney, Francis L. Doorley, Anjali Garg