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Federal Court Dismisses “Speculative” and “Attenuated” Lawsuit By the Conference of State Bank Supervisors Over Proposed OCC Fintech Charter

USA - May 3 2018 On Monday, a federal district court judge in the District of Columbia issued an order dismissing a lawsuit brought by the Conference of State Bank…

Matthew Bisanz, Thomas V. Panoff

Federal Court Dismisses “Speculative” Lawsuit By New York Department of Financial Services Over Proposed OCC Fintech Charter

USA - December 14 2017 On Tuesday, a federal district court in the Southern District of New York issued an order dismissing a lawsuit brought by the New York Department of…

Thomas V. Panoff

Supreme Court holds that CAFA doesn’t let defendants remove state AG actions to federal court

USA - January 14 2014 When state attorneys general file suits to seek monetary recoveries based on claimed injuries to private citizens, those lawsuits look like, walk…

Archis A. Parasharami

U.S. House Passes Bills That Would Change the Standards for Federal Class Actions and Fraudulent Joinder

USA - March 10 2017 The U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday passed two bills that would reform the standards for bringing federal class actions and raise the bar…

Debra Bogo-Ernst, Lucia Nale, Thomas V. Panoff

Maryland Federal Court Denies Attempt to Block Bank of America’s Eligibility Restrictions for Paycheck Protection Program Loans

USA - April 13 2020 Today, a federal judge in Maryland denied an emergency motion seeking to block Bank of America from applying eligibility restrictions to its lending…

Thomas V. Panoff, Laurence E. Platt, Stephanie C. Robinson, Tori K. Shinohara