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Parties' contractual information rights - a useful reminder in Zedra Trust Company v The Hut Group Ltd

United Kingdom - September 12 2019 The recent High Court decision in Zedra Trust Company (Jersey) Ltd and Anor v The Hut Group Ltd Anor v The Hut Group Ltd [2019] EWHC 219 (Comm) is a…

James Whitaker

Disclosure - striking the right balance between a fair trial in the English Courts and the risk of prosecution abroad

United Kingdom - April 2 2019 "If you join the game you must play according to the local rules", as the adage goes. In Bank Mellat v Her Majesty’s Treasury [2019] EWCA Civ 449, the…

James Whitaker

Liability of company directors for damages in deceit - useful lessons from Inter Export LLC v Townley and Anor

United Kingdom - October 9 2018 In 2012, Inter Export LLC, a supplier of sunflower oil registered in Ukraine, entered into a contract to sell oil to a UK-based company. In so doing…

Mark Stefanini

Potential EU-UK competition law divergence post-Brexit highlighted by conflicting approaches of UK Competition Appeal Tribunal in recent pharma cases

European Union, United Kingdom - August 14 2018 The UK Competition Appeal Tribunal (the "CAT") has recently issued two judgments relating to anticompetitive practices in the pharmaceutical sector…

Warsha Kalé, Ian McDonald

English High Court clarifies the position on English courts assisting in obtaining evidence for use in foreign court proceedings

United Kingdom - June 5 2018 In Buzzfeed Inc and another v Aleksej Gubarev and others, Christopher Steele [2018] EWHC 1201 (QB) the English High Court recently clarified a…

Ian McDonald