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COVID-19 Higher Ed Litigation: The Educational Malpractice Doctrine Bars Students’ Online Learning Claims

USA - May 12 2020 Colleges and universities across the country fittingly closed their campuses in March to protect students, faculty, and staff amid the spread of…

Colleen M. Campbell, Charles E. Harris, II

ERISA Fiduciary Best Practices and Prudence in the Evolving COVID-19 Environment

USA - April 2 2020 These are unsettling times. Seemingly every day brings a new announcement of a state or local shutdown order, a massive bailout package, or the Dow…

Richard E. Nowak, Nancy G. Ross

D.C. Circuit Holds That a Participant Who Signed a Release Could Not Assert ERISA Fiduciary Breach Claims on Behalf of Her Retirement Plan

USA - March 30 2020 When an employee separates from employment with a severance payment, the employee will frequently agree to a broad release of claims against the…

Elaine Liu, Richard E. Nowak, Nancy G. Ross

Good News for Providers of Union Retiree Medical Benefits Springs from Unusual Procedural Move by US Supreme Court

USA - February 21 2018 Yesterday, the Supreme Court wielded its rarely used power of summary reversal to bring good news to employers providing medical benefits to union…

Joshua D. Yount, Timothy S. Bishop, Nancy G. Ross

Supreme Court Addresses FDCPA/Time-Barred Debts and Preemption/Arbitration

USA - May 15 2017 Today, the Supreme Court held that a debt collector does not violate the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) by knowingly attempting to…

Steven M. Kaplan, Kris D. Kully