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Constructive dismissal now easier to claim?

United Kingdom - October 24 2013 The EAT has stated that in a case of constructive dismissal, it is not necessary for the employer's conduct to be the effective cause of…

Katherine Fox

Consequences of failing to follow procedure

United Kingdom - October 24 2013 The EAT has held that, in some circumstances, a failure to follow a grievance procedure could amount to a breach of the implied duty of…

Katherine Fox

The importance of a well conducted appeal

United Kingdom - October 24 2013 The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has upheld a decision that an employee was not indirectly discriminated against when her request for…

Katherine Fox

Financial penalties for losing employers from April 2014

United Kingdom - October 24 2013 The Government has announced that it plans to implement legislation which gives Tribunals the power to order an employer who has lost at Tribunal to…

Katherine Fox

Renaming of compromise agreements to settlement agreements

United Kingdom - July 30 2013 With effect from 29 July 2013, Compromise Agreements will be known as Settlement Agreements. In practice, this means that compromise agreements will…

Purvis Ghani