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Joint Ventures in Mining

USA - November 26 2020 Joint ventures (JVs) in the mining industry are on the rise. In 2019, Barrick and Newmont partnered to combine their assets in Nevada - creating the…

Julian Ellison, Mark Stefanini

Law Commission report on electronic execution: does it change anything?

United Kingdom - November 14 2019 As part of its most recent Programme of Law Reform, the Law Commission of England and Wales recently published a report on electronic signatures for…

Alex Dell, Simon Fisher, Ashley McDermott, Stephen Walsh, Sarah Walters

Quick Guide to the Reporting on Payment Practices and Performance Regulations 2017

United Kingdom - September 1 2017 Large UK companies are now under an obligation to report, on a central government website, on their policies and practices regarding payment of…

Kirsty Payne

Private Equity Portfolio Company Bulletin - July 2017

United Kingdom - July 10 2017 Many people are aware of the tax issues that can arise when making loans to employees with an interest rate below HMRC's "official rate" (which…

Andrew Stanger, James West, Perry Yam

When is a contract term an unenforceable penalty?

United Kingdom - November 26 2015 For the first time in a century, the Supreme Court has considered the common law rule on penalty clauses in commercial and consumer contracts. This…

Tim Nosworthy, Kirsty Payne, Edmund Sautter