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English Court's Beacon for Mutual Recognition and Enforcement of Judgments Positively received by UAE MOJ

United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom - November 1 2022 On 13 September 2022, the UAE Ministry of Justice penned a letter to the Director General of the Dubai Courts in relation to “Enforcement of…

Raid Abu-Manneh, Gerard Moore, Sarah Shearman

Arbitration in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Part 1 - Arbitration in Saudi Arabia: why it's on the rise

Saudi Arabia - September 26 2022 Arbitration in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (the "KSA") has changed significantly in recent years and is on the rise. In this Legal Update we…

Raid Abu-Manneh, Ali Auda, Lisa Dubot, Gerard Moore

Global International Arbitration Update: January - June 2022

Global - July 20 2022 U.S. Supreme Court issues its long-awaited 1782 decision and Brazil issues a new Ordinance specifying arbitrator nomination criteria for proceedings…

Luiz Aboim, Raid Abu-Manneh, Bill Amos, Gustavo Fernandes de Andrade, Fábio Peixinho Gomes Correa, James R. Ferguson, Menachem M. Hasofer, Ulrich Helm, B. Ted Howes, Charles E. Harris, II, Michael P. Lennon Jr., Dany Khayat, Dr. Jan Kraayvanger, Mei Ling Lew, Rachael O’Grady, Alejandro López Ortiz, Kwadwo Sarkodie, Gustavo Scheffer da Silveira, Mark Stefanini, Yu-Jin Tay, Paul Teo, Kay-Jannes Wegner

Updated ICSID Arbitration Rules enter into force in July 2022: Key changes you need to know about

Global - June 14 2022 On 21 March 2022, the Member States of the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes ("ICSID") approved a comprehensive set of…

Raid Abu-Manneh, José Caicedo, Lisa Dubot, Dany Khayat, Gerard Moore, Patricia Ugalde Revilla, Bruno Savoie

Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC) issues long-awaited revised Arbitration Rules

United Arab Emirates - April 7 2022 On 2 March 2022, the Dubai International Arbitration Centre ("DIAC") issued new rules of arbitration (the "2022 Rules"), which came into effect on 21…

Lisa Dubot, Gerard Moore, Patricia Ugalde Revilla, Bruno Savoie