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Brexit in Germany - Government set to relax dismissal protection for risk takers in significant institutions

European Union, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom - February 13 2019 In December 2018 the German Government submitted the Draft Bill Supplementing the Act on Tax-Related Provisions Concerning the Withdrawal of the…

Dr. Alice Jenner

People Analytics: The opportunities and legal risks of a brave new world

European Union - May 29 2018 The opportunities and legal risks of a brave new world Advances in technology and artificial intelligence (AI) are allowing companies to solve…

Karin Buzanich-Sommeregger, Luca Capone, Laura Chapman, Olga Chislova, Rene Döring, Boris Dzida, Raquel Flórez, Jean-François Gerard, Alice Greenwell, Kathleen Healy, Dawn Heath, Klaus-Stefan Hohenstatt, Howard Klein, Charles Magoffin, Andrew Murphy, Brechje Nollen, Satya Staes Polet, Elmar Schnitker, Gwen Senlanne, Nicholas Squire, Caroline Stroud

The General Data Protection Regulation - How can employers operating share plans prepare?

European Union, United Kingdom - November 27 2017 Since the draft General Data Protection Regulation (the GDPR) was published in January 2012, the overhaul of the European Union’s...

Karin Buzanich-Sommeregger, Laura Chapman, Rene Döring, Boris Dzida, Timon Grau, Klaus-Stefan Hohenstatt, Satya Staes Polet, Elmar Schnitker, Gwen Senlanne

SEs/Cross-border mergers and Brexit - What you need to know from an employment perspective

European Union, United Kingdom - May 5 2017 The Societas Europaea (SE) regime was introduced in the EU in 2004 - it permits a company to reform as an European public limited liability company…

Karin Buzanich-Sommeregger, Luca Capone, Raquel Flórez, Kathleen Healy, Brechje Nollen, Satya Staes Polet, Gwen Senlanne

Bankers' bonuses - EU Commission proposes amendments to CRD4

European Union - November 24 2016 On 23 November, the Commission presented a comprehensive package of reforms aimed at further strengthening the resilience of EU banks and reducing…

Jean-François Gerard, Alice Greenwell