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Part I: The History and Evolution of Section 230

USA - September 25 2020 “Section 230” is a buzz word of late—heard on the Hill, on Pennsylvania Avenue, and now in the (virtual) board rooms of companies that allow their…

Peter Jaffe, Menachem Kaplan, Jillian Simons

EU’s ePrivacy reforms: a UK perspective

European Union, United Kingdom - March 1 2021 The EU Council has reached a compromise agreement on its position on the new ePrivacy Regulation. This involved coming to agreement on various issu…

Melonie Atraghji, Giles Pratt

Intellectual Property Action Plan - European Commission’s plans regarding SEPs

European Union - December 11 2020 As we reported in our 4 December blog post Upgrading the European IP framework: The European Commission unveils its Action Plan on Intellectual…

Stephan Dorn, Elena Hennecke

UK Supreme Court rules representative action for group data protection claim was “doomed to fail”

United Kingdom - November 11 2021 The UK Supreme Court handed down a unanimous judgment yesterday in the high-profile Lloyd v Google case, ruling in Google’s favour that the opt-out…

Anushi Amin, Hannah Walker Gore, Catherine Greenwood-Smith, Ethan Lo, Alice Thompson

Part II: Section 230 and Proposals for Revision - Some Critical Commentary on Executive Branch Updates

USA - September 28 2020 Yesterday we reviewed the history of Section 230, which has provided online platforms safe harbor from liability over content posted by third parties…

Peter Jaffe, Menachem Kaplan, Jillian Simons