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Social media - who can you trust?

USA - November 14 2016 False advertising on social media has been a problem since companies first harnessed its power as a sales tool. One of the earliest examples was the…

Richard Bird

A new frontier for data privacy?

European Union - May 18 2015 Data privacy protection was a critical issue that emerged in a consultation on the European Commission green paper on mobile health…

Phillip Becker, Richard Bird

Engineering privacy - the future of data protection law compliance

European Union - April 14 2015 Data privacy regulation protects the rights of individuals in relation to the collection, use and disclosure of their personal data. Businesses’…

Norbert Nolte, Dr. Christoph Werkmeister

Hong Kong puts restrictions on cross-border transfers: are you compliant?

Hong Kong - March 19 2015 Taking a step closer to following the EU restrictions on overseas data transfers, the Hong Kong Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data…

Dana Post

Data transfers out of China: what you have to consider before you press “send”

China - January 19 2015 Entities operating in China may want to transfer business data originating in the country to an office overseas for internal reporting or analysis…

Richard Bird