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SEC Modifies Shareholder Proposal Rules, Making it More Difficult for Companies to Exclude ESG Proposals

USA - December 19 2021 In November 2021, the SEC issued new guidance regarding the shareholder proposal process in Staff Legal Bulletin 14L, reversing company-friendly…

Michael Levitt

Clogged PIPE market leading to alternative financing structures in some de-SPAC business combinations

USA - July 16 2021 The standard PIPE playbook for de-SPAC business combinations in the last 12-18 months has been remarkably consistent: a SPAC wall crosses a number of…

Sebastian Fain, Michael Levitt

US SPAC Boom Spreads to Europe with Recent Amsterdam and Frankfurt SPAC Listings and Potential Reform in London

Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, USA - March 10 2021 The popularity of SPACs in the United States has extended to Europe, with three SPACs recently listing on the Euronext Amsterdam and one listing on…

Mark Austin, Andrea Basham, Markus Benzing, Kate Cooper, Sebastian Fain, Christoph L. Gleske, Tom Godwin, Ethan Klingsberg, Michael Levitt, Pamela Marcogliese, Stephan Pachinger, Dirk-Jan Smit, Paul Tiger, Lasse de Vooght

Risk Factor Disclosures for the Recovery Era

USA - January 30 2021 You Mastered the COVID-19 Risk Disclosures; But Are You Ready for the Recovery? It’s early 2021. With a New Year comes a new Form 10-K. Among other…

Doru Gavril, Drew S. Liming, Sarah Solum

2020 De-SPAC Debrief

USA - January 11 2021 We’re pleased to announce Freshfields’ 2020 De-SPAC Debrief: A comprehensive review of all de-SPAC transactions that closed in 2020. 2020 was the…

Andrea Basham, Sebastian Fain, Michael Levitt, Pamela Marcogliese, Paul Tiger