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Worklife 2.0: Employers of record - the sky is the limit? Part 1 - Equity-based incentives

United Kingdom, USA - September 12 2022 We are seeing an increasing number of companies partnering with “employers of record” (EoRs). This arrangement is particularly popular amongst…

Regina Erie, Alice Greenwell, Amy Rentell

The Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Bill: resolving remaining COVID-19 commercial rent debts?

United Kingdom - November 12 2021 The government announced the highly-anticipated draft Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Bill (the Bill) and revised Code of Practice on 9 November 2021…

Katharina Crinson, Craig Montgomery, Alex Thomson

'Britcoin’: a central bank digital pound for the UK

United Kingdom - April 27 2021 On 19 April 2021, as part of the UK's Fintech Week, the Bank of England and HM Treasury announced the creation of a taskforce to explore a central…

Cyrus Pocha, Charlotte Witherington