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Intellectual Property Action Plan - European Commission’s plans regarding SEPs

European Union - December 11 2020 As we reported in our 4 December blog post Upgrading the European IP framework: The European Commission unveils its Action Plan on Intellectual…

Xanthia Hargreaves, Elena Hennecke

SEP disputes - the Willing Licensee takes on a new look - German perspectives (Part 1/3)

European Union, Germany - July 29 2020 A key determinant in patent infringement disputes relating to standard-essential patents (SEPs) is the assessment of whether the user of a standard…

Alexandra Morgan, Laura Whiting

The German UPC story: take 2 (and is the London seat up for grabs?)

European Union, Germany, United Kingdom - June 10 2020 The German Federal Ministry of Justice shows unexpected pace in repeating the legislative process for the German Act of Approval for the Unified…

Alexandra Morgan

COVID-19 and patent rights, part 3: isolation and collaboration

European Union, United Kingdom - May 29 2020 To protect the health of their people during the COVID-19 outbreak, many countries have imposed trade restrictions, such as export bans, on key goods…

Miriam Benmoussa, Elena Hadjimichael, Alexandra Morgan, Dr. Christopher Stothers

COVID-19 and patent rights, part 1: governments’ right to use patented inventions

Austria, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, USA - April 22 2020 Pharmaceutical companies are working around the clock towards a common aim: diagnosing, treating and preventing infections from COVID-19. There is no…

Dr. Christopher Stothers