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Changes to HMRC's rules on calculating value of listed shares

United Kingdom - April 8 2015 We thought it would be helpful to remind you that HMRC's rules on how to calculate the value of listed shares and securities for income tax purposes…

Alice Greenwell, Jocelyn Mitchell

Persons with Significant Control (PSCs) - Corporate Trustees and PSC Registers: new public disclosure regime applies to trustee companies

United Kingdom - April 4 2016 From 6 April 2016, virtually every UK incorporated company, LLP and SE will need to keep a public register of those people with significant control…

Alison Wai Chi Chung, Dawn Heath, Charles Magoffin, Andrew Murphy, David Pollard

Brexit: What does it mean for employers

European Union, United Kingdom - June 27 2016 The Leave vote in the Brexit referendum is set to trigger a period of major uncertainty for business. There may be significant implications for…

Alice Greenwell, Kathleen Healy, Dawn Heath, Charles Magoffin, Nicholas Squire

HMRC v PA Holdings Ltd

United Kingdom - September 17 2010 HMRC v PA Holdings Ltd gives the appeal decision for a case we commented on in our November 2009 issue.

Jocelyn Mitchell, Liz Pierson

Remuneration and corporate governance in financial institutions

France, Germany, Global, Netherlands, United Kingdom - October 2 2009 There is a pressing need for remuneration and governance principles in financial institutions to be based on a globally consistent framework, rather than national initiatives.

Klaus-Stefan Hohenstatt, Jocelyn Mitchell, Brechje Nollen, Gwen Senlanne