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Climate change, supply chains, resource scarcity and other ESG focus areas for the life sciences sector

Global, United Kingdom, USA - April 29 2022 “I firmly believe that life science companies can be part of the cure.” That was the overarching message from Pinder Sahota, the Vice President of…

Harriet Hanks, James Smith

Life sciences - what to expect in 2023

European Union, OECD, United Kingdom, USA - February 1 2023 We anticipate a year of reserved optimism in the life sciences industry for 2023. Despite uncertain financial markets and pricing challenges in the…

Paul Davison, Emma Franck-Gwinnell, Adam Golden, Harriet Hanks, Vinita Kailasanath, David Mendel, Dr. Katharina Reinhardt, Laura Whiting, Megan Yeates

COP27: mitigating climate change and navigating the legal risk of greenwashing

OECD, United Kingdom, USA - November 2 2022 In this post in our series looking at the four pillars of the COP27 goals and vision, we look at mitigation. A core objective of COP27 is for states…

Felix Roscam Abbing, Jan Henning Buschfeld, Rachel Duffy, Stefanie Fay, Jennifer King, Lukas Pfister, Elvira Sihvola, Rachel Stephens

UK Government announces landmark changes to consumer protection rules and enforcement powers

European Union, United Kingdom - April 22 2022 The UK Government has - after many months of deliberation - announced sweeping reforms to UK consumer protection rules. These include new powers for…

Andrew Austin, Kate Collister, Rachel Duffy

Global Enforcement Outlook: how the ESG agenda will shape enforcement risk & response

USA - February 28 2022 For major companies, environmental, social and governance issues are not a new phenomenon, but the spotlight has intensified. There is now a raft of…

Ali Kirby Harris, Vanessa Jakovich, Norbert Nolte, Ali Sallaway, Adam Siegel