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The new EU deforestation regulation and its international scope - is your business caught?

European Union - December 22 2022 The European Commission, Council and European Parliament reached provisional agreement on the new Deforestation Regulation on 6 December 2022…

James Raeside, Marlen Vesper-Gräske, Kieran Watkins

COP15: the importance of biodiversity and what it means for your businesses

United Kingdom, USA - December 15 2022 Last week marked the start of COP15, the UN Biodiversity Conference, which runs from 7-19 December 2022. Just like other Conferences of the Parties…

James Raeside, Jake Reynolds

Re-packaging old rules: How will the EU’s proposed new packaging Regulation tackle excessive packaging and packaging waste?

European Union, United Kingdom - December 1 2022 Yesterday, the European Commission published its proposal for a new Regulation on packaging and packaging waste. The Regulation repeals the existing…

James Raeside, Vicky Vanderstichele, Kieran Watkins

COP27: mitigating climate change and navigating the legal risk of greenwashing

OECD, United Kingdom, USA - November 2 2022 In this post in our series looking at the four pillars of the COP27 goals and vision, we look at mitigation. A core objective of COP27 is for states…

Felix Roscam Abbing, Jan Henning Buschfeld, Rachel Duffy, Stefanie Fay, Jennifer King, Lukas Pfister, Elvira Sihvola, Rachel Stephens

EU moves quickly to adopt law banning products contributing to deforestation ahead of UN Biodiversity Conference

European Union - October 13 2022 The long-awaited second part of COP-15 this December, which is the continuation of the UN Biodiversity Conference from October 2021, has put the…

Léa Bareil, James Raeside, Marlen Vesper-Gräske, Kieran Watkins