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Antitrust enforcers’ attention on labor markets spreading across the globe: a new legal battlefield?

United Kingdom, USA - March 20 2023 Antitrust enforcement in labor markets has gained momentum in recent months as agencies in the US, Europe and Asia signal tougher enforcement against…

Cecilia Carli, Ninette Dodoo, Jan Rybnicek, Ermelinda Spinelli, Kaori Yamada

Antitrust and sustainability - UK CMA consults on new guidance for businesses entering into environmental sustainability agreements

United Kingdom - March 1 2023 On 28 February 2023, the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) published draft guidance on its intended approach towards business…

Angus Reston, Kasia Bojarojc, Alastair Chapman, Pablo Lopez-West, Emma Roberts

Global Antitrust in 2023: Foreign Direct Investment - Record Year for Prohibitions and New Developments

Global - February 17 2023 2022 saw seismic shifts in geopolitics spurred by the war in Ukraine and frictions between some of the world’s largest economies, resulting in many…

Justin Chen, Michele Davis, Aimen Mir, Alastair Mordaunt, Dr. Ilka Oberländer, Frank Röhling, Uwe Salaschek, Tuna Tanik

UK Government accelerates major reforms to competition and consumer law regimes and digital regulation in a drive for supply side growth

United Kingdom - November 22 2022 The UK government has committed to bringing forward the Digital Markets, Competition and Consumer Bill (the Bill) in the current Parliamentary…

James Aitken, Andrew Austin, Kate Collister, Rikki Haria, Sarah Mitchell

Collaborating towards sustainability goals and navigating antitrust risk across regions

Global - November 7 2022 With COP27 in Egypt now taking place, we’re focusing on one of the four key themes of the Egyptian Presidency, “collaboration”, and specifically…

Maria Dreher, Rory Jones, Florian Reiter-Werzin