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UK Government accelerates major reforms to competition and consumer law regimes and digital regulation in a drive for supply side growth

United Kingdom - November 22 2022 The UK government has committed to bringing forward the Digital Markets, Competition and Consumer Bill (the Bill) in the current Parliamentary…

James Aitken, Andrew Austin, Kate Collister, Sarah Jensen, Sarah Mitchell

The EU Digital Markets Act is formally enacted - what next?

European Union - October 13 2022 The EU Digital Markets Act (DMA) was published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 12 October 2022 and will enter into force on 1…

Tone Oeyen, Aaron Green, Sharon Malhi, Sarah Mitchell, Sascha Schubert

The European Parliament approves the final text of the Digital Markets Act

European Union - July 6 2022 On 5 July 2022, the European Parliament approved—by an overwhelming majority—the final text of the Digital Markets Act (DMA), the new ex-ante…

Tone Oeyen, Konstantin Bondarenko, Sharon Malhi, Eugene McQuaid, Sascha Schubert

Hold the Queen’s virtual horses: an opportunity to consider further the UK’s new rules for digital firms and their place in the wider reform jigsaw?

Germany, United Kingdom - May 12 2022 Following Tuesday’s Queen’s Speech, it appears that both the broader reforms to the UK’s competition and consumer laws (see here) and the new regime…

James Aitken, Luke Becker, Sharon Malhi, Sarah Mitchell, Daniel Wylde

UK Government publishes long-awaited reforms to the competition and consumer law regimes

European Union, United Kingdom - May 10 2022 The UK Government’s extensive reforms to the competition and consumer law regimes follow a lengthy period of debate and consultation on the changes…

Michele Davis, Caroline Ellard, Fredrik Hellstrom, Sarah Jensen, Karen Slaney