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Whistleblowing survey 2020: Impact of COVID-19

France, Germany, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, USA - November 3 2020 As part as of our on-going review of whistleblowing culture over the years we’ve gathered the views of over 2500 individuals in the UK, US, Hong Kong…

Stephanie Chiu, Holly Insley, Caroline Stroud

Whistleblowing in the spotlight: why are managers in Hong Kong more likely to blow the whistle?

Germany, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, USA - October 15 2020 In a continuation of the exercise started in 2014, Freshfields has gathered the views of over 2,500 Respondents across 13 industries in the UK, US…

Stephanie Chiu

WorkLife 2.0: employment aspects of M&A post COVID-19

Global - August 17 2020 Despite the downturn in M&A activity during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are already signs that businesses are starting to identify opportunities for…

Kathleen Healy, Holly Insley, Kevin Kay, Chantelle Nicholas, Rose Pollard

WorkLife 2.0 - 'my algorithm boss is watching me': will employee-surveillance software be the trade off for more home working?

Global - June 11 2020 The COVID-19 pandemic has seen employers across sectors and jurisdictions adopting drastic and prolonged working-from-home arrangements. While the…

Stephanie Chiu, Boris Dzida

COVID-19: how to facilitate a safe return to the workplace - the Asia view

China, European Union, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, USA - April 15 2020 In this mid-pandemic world, we are all craving normalcy. Depending on where you are, you may be weeks or months into a COVID-19 lock-down that has…

Stephanie Chiu, Jean-François Gerard, Kathleen Healy, Fan Li