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Artificial intelligence and gender discrimination

USA - November 13 2020 What if an artificial intelligence (AI)-run recruiting programme rejects a female candidate for a senior management position because her CV states…

Ellen Iu, Daria Park

What's New in the world of work?

Austria, Belgium, European Union, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom, USA - December 20 2019 Welcome to our international quarterly newsletter. This Winter 2019 edition reports on a number of labour and employment law developments happening…

Bruno Aguirre, Jeffrey Anand, Laura Chapman, Olga Chislova, Stephanie Chiu, Elizabeth Forster, Julia Förster, Harriet Gaillard, Giovanni Gaudio, Jean-François Gerard, Annabelle Hamelin, Kevin Kay, Howard Klein, Laura Llangozi, Sophie Muuss, Juan Pastor, Tharusha Rajapakse, Marcus Symonds

To downsize or not to downsize: What are the alternatives?

China, USA - October 31 2019 The US-China trade war and an easing in China’s economic growth, compounded by political unrest in Hong Kong and elsewhere across the region, have…

Laura Chapman, Stephanie Chiu

COVID-19: how to facilitate a safe return to the workplace - the Asia view

China, European Union, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, USA - April 15 2020 In this mid-pandemic world, we are all craving normalcy. Depending on where you are, you may be weeks or months into a COVID-19 lock-down that has…

Stephanie Chiu, Jean-François Gerard, Kathleen Healy, Fan Li

Post-acquisition integration: The top five people issues to consider (via Passle)

USA - December 18 2019 People are a fundamental part of any business and significant HR challenges can arise in almost any M&A transactions, including after closing. If you…

Laura Chapman, Stephanie Chiu