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Labour market reforms tracker February 2014

Belgium, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom - February 5 2014 The sovereign debt crisis has triggered labour market reforms across Europe. In most cases, these reforms are intended to simplify hiring and firing…

Luca Capone, Jean-François Gerard, Brechje Nollen, Satya Staes Polet, Gwen Senlanne.

Social networking

Global - October 10 2013 With a quick Google search revealing that Facebook now has over 1.2 billion members and that every second two new members join LinkedIn, it's no…

Kathleen Healy, Caroline Stroud, Lara Zellick.

Woolworths - the pick 'n' mix approach lives on landmark ECJ collective redundancy case - Advocate General's opinion

European Union, United Kingdom - February 6 2015 Advocate General Wahl has today issued his opinion in the landmark case of USDAW and Wilson (C-80-/14) and connected cases. The case (known as the…

Harriet Gaillard, Kathleen Healy, Caroline Stroud.

Brexit: What does it mean for employers

European Union, United Kingdom - June 27 2016 The Leave vote in the Brexit referendum is set to trigger a period of major uncertainty for business. There may be significant implications for…

Simon Evans, Alice Greenwell, Kathleen Healy, Dawn Heath, Charles Magoffin.

Flexible Furlough - Revised guidance published on the UK Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

United Kingdom - June 17 2020 On 12 June, the Government published revised guidance on its Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (JRS) (likely to now be generally referred to as the…

Alice Greenwell, Holly Insley, David Mendel, Rose Pollard, Kate Pumfrey.