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India’s arbitration rollercoaster: two Indian parties may choose a seat outside India - a win for party autonomy

India - May 6 2021 The Supreme Court of India (SCI) held last month that two Indian parties may choose an arbitration seat outside India. For an award to be enforceable…

Rohit Bhat

Key features of the new bilateral investment treaty between Singapore and Indonesia

Indonesia, Singapore - April 12 2021 Five years after the expiry of the 2005 Singapore-Indonesia bilateral investment treaty, the two countries announced on 9 March 2021 that their new…

Rohit Bhat, David Perrett, Joaquin Terceño

Confidentiality in investment-treaty arbitration: the Singapore position

Singapore - October 28 2020 The Singapore High Court on 8 October 2020 delivered an important ruling that discusses confidentiality in investment-treaty arbitration. In short…

Rohit Bhat

No longer cause for laughter and tears? The Indian Supreme Court's approach to awards

India - October 2 2020 In 1981, the Supreme Court of India - dealing with a case under the old Arbitration Act of 1940 - highlighted the Indian courts' interventionist…

Rohit Bhat

All you need to know about Material Adverse Change

USA - September 30 2020 Material Adverse Change (MAC) clauses are a tool for allocating to the seller the risk of something happening before closing that has, or at some…

Rohit Bhat, Campbell Herbert