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Regulatory capital and climate change: a rewarding report

Global, United Kingdom - November 4 2021 Just prior to the start of COP26, the PRA published a report which, amongst other things, explores the relationship between climate change and the…

Melanie Fitzsimons, James Smethurst

The new Roadmap to Sustainable Investing - an economy-wide plan for progress

Global, United Kingdom - November 2 2021 Last month the government published its Roadmap to Sustainable Investing, which sets out its long-term ambition to green the financial system, align…

Anthea Bowater, Simon Orton, Alice Skupski

Sustainable finance regulation - An introduction to the legal and commercial challenges

European Union, United Kingdom - September 15 2021 Regulators around the world are taking ambitious steps to improve the sustainability of the financial sector and guide capital towards sustainable…

Anthea Bowater, Simon Orton, Tom Rhodes, Kezia Robson

FCA sharpens focus on greenwashing of investments: Summer update

United Kingdom - August 6 2021 This summer has seen a continued commitment by the FCA to its role in promoting ESG-related investments, with three recent publications all…

Anthea Bowater, Simon Orton, Alice Skupski

A busy day in Threadneedle street means good news for new and ambitious banks

United Kingdom - August 6 2021 The Old Lady's Resolution Directorate had a busy day on 22 July publishing both a consultation paper on the Bank of England's review of its approach…

Lauren Moorin