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Delays in Annual Reporting: Is CFIUS Buckling Under Pressure?

USA - May 31 2017 Nearly a year and half later, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS or Committee) has yet to issue its statutorily…

Shawn Cooley, Christine Laciak, Mary Lehner

Balancing travelers’ right to refunds and airlines’ right to survival in the age of COVID-19

USA - May 10 2020 Ticket refunds, normally a very clear-cut area of regulation, have become a lightning rod issue for air carriers, consumers and regulators worldwide…

Amna Arshad, Charlie Beller

In review: the foreign investment regime in USA

USA - October 21 2020 This article reviews the most consequential aspects of the foreign investment regime in USA, including key regulations and restrictions, with particular regard to recent developments.

Christine Laciak, Aimen Mir

Can the Failing Firm Defense Save a Deal in the Covid Era?

USA - October 12 2020 Covid-19 has had a staggering impact on the U.S. economy in just eight months. Businesses large and small are struggling to stay afloat, with…

Spotlight: foreign investment review procedure in USA

USA - October 21 2020 An overview of the authorities' review process for foreign investment in USA, including key thresholds for review, timeframes and procedural requirements.

Christine Laciak, Aimen Mir