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FTC and DOJ front and center in new Biden Executive Order on competition, with a focus on labor issues

USA - July 13 2021 On July 9, 2021, President Biden signed a far-reaching Executive Order (the Order) aimed at promoting competition in the American economy. This Order…

Bruce McCulloch, Justin Stewart-Teitelbaum, Elizabeth Suarez

A Shift in Antitrust Enforcement of HR-Related Conduct Spurred Criminal Indictments of an Individual in December 2020 and a Company in January 2021

USA - January 12 2021 While the U.S. antitrust agencies had historically brought civil enforcement actions against anticompetitive agreements pertaining to employee…

Daphne Lin, Bruce McCulloch

In review: the foreign investment regime in USA

USA - October 21 2020 This article reviews the most consequential aspects of the foreign investment regime in USA, including key regulations and restrictions, with particular regard to recent developments.

Christine Laciak, Aimen Mir

Spotlight: foreign investment review procedure in USA

USA - October 21 2020 An overview of the authorities' review process for foreign investment in USA, including key thresholds for review, timeframes and procedural requirements.

Christine Laciak, Aimen Mir

Can the Failing Firm Defense Save a Deal in the Covid Era?

USA - October 12 2020 Covid-19 has had a staggering impact on the U.S. economy in just eight months. Businesses large and small are struggling to stay afloat, with…