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You’ve been warned - FTC’s first merger closing statement in over three years sends a reminder to companies that antitrust is only one consideration

United Kingdom, USA - March 10 2023 In a rare move on February 27, 2023, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued its first statement akin to a closing statement since 2019. The FTC’s…

Rod Carlton, Jamillia Ferris, Rikki Haria, Christine Lyon, Daniel Wylde

Global Antitrust in 2023: Collaboration and Licensing - New Risks and Opportunities

Global - February 17 2023 In 2023, licensing and collaboration deal structures will continue to present significant opportunities for companies, particularly in the life…

Maria Dreher, Uta Itzen, Álvaro Iza, Jenny Leahy, Tom Morgan, Kristen Riemenschneider, Enrica Schaefer, Megan Yeates

Safe No More: DOJ Highlights Information Exchange in Withdrawal of Enforcement Policy Statements

USA - February 15 2023 On February 2, 2023, Deputy Assistant Attorney General Doha Mekki of the DOJ Antitrust Division previewed the agency’s withdrawal of longstanding…

Jamillia Ferris, Pauline Fliche, Donna Faye Imadi, Morgan Marmaro, Meredith Mommers, Daniel Wylde

Push It To The Limit: The US Merger Agencies Before the Courts in 2022

USA - November 30 2022 2022 has been a busy year for the US antitrust agencies, with a number of litigated cases bringing their heightened enforcement policies into sharp…

Jamillia Ferris, Tom Morgan, Lauren Vaca

Essential Antitrust #22: Global focus on labor: not necessarily business as usual

USA - August 8 2022 Antitrust Authorities worldwide have been very vocal on their increasing focus on antitrust violations in the labor market - but what does this…

Holly Insley, Bruce McCulloch, Ermelinda Spinelli