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The future for UK subsidy control remains unclear - the Government seeks views by way of a public consultation

European Union, United Kingdom - February 9 2021 Following the UK and EU’s long-waited agreement on their future trading relationship, the UK Government has published a consultation on 3 February on…

Bola Ajayi, Harriet Drury, Merit Olthoff, Michele Davis, Rod Carlton.

Global antitrust in 2021

European Union, Germany, United Kingdom, USA - January 15 2021 Welcome to our latest look at the 10 biggest trends in the world of antitrust. 2020 turned out like few, if anyone, had expected. With the fallout…

Sascha Schubert, Aimen Mir, Akinori Uesugi, Alastair Chapman, Alastair Mordaunt, Alex Potter, Alexander Viktorov, Alicia Van Cauwelaert, Alvaro Pliego Selie, Amna Arshad, Andrew Ewalt, Aude Guyon, Bea Tormey, Bruce McCulloch, Christine Laciak, Deba Das, Deirdre Trapp, Dr Andreas von Bonin, Enrique Carrera, Eric Mahr, Ermelinda Spinelli, Gerhard Wiedemann, Gian Luca Zampa, Hazel Yin, Helmut Bergmann, James Aitken, Jan Rybnicek, Juliane Ziebarth, Julie Elmer, Justin Stewart-Teitelbaum, Kaori Yamada, Laurent Garzaniti, Lilly Fiedler, Maj Vaseghi, Maren Tamke, Maria Dreher, Marie-Claire Strawbridge, Mark Sansom, Martin Klusmann, Mary Lehner, Michele Davis, Nicholas French, Nicholas Frey, Ninette Dodoo, Onno Brouwer, Paul van den Berg, Paul Yde, Peter Niggemann, Rafique Bachour, Richard Snyder, Ricky Versteeg, Robert Schlossberg, Rod Carlton, Sarah Jensen, Sascha Schubert, Simon Priddis, Thomas Janssens, Thomas Wessely, Tobias Klose, Tom Ensign, Tone Oeyen, Ulrich Scholz, Uta Itzen, William Robinson, Winfred Knibbeler.

The future of UK subsidy control - known knowns and known unknowns

European Union, United Kingdom - September 22 2020 This month saw the introduction of the Government’s controversial United Kingdom Internal Market Bill (the Bill). The Bill sets out a new legal…

Bola Ajayi, Harriet Drury, Merit Olthoff, Michele Davis, Rod Carlton, Rory Jones.

In brief: the key features of merger control legislation in United Kingdom

United Kingdom - July 31 2020 A look at the key features of the merger control legislation in United Kingdom, including filing requirements, review thresholds and necessary regulatory approvals.

Alessandra Galea.

Q&A: merger notification and clearance in United Kingdom

United Kingdom - July 31 2020 A brief overview of key procedures and practical considerations surrounding merger notification and clearance in United Kingdom, including timetables, documentation and sanctions for noncompliance.

Alessandra Galea.