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Product and consumer news

European Union, Germany, Hong Kong, United Kingdom - May 13 2014 The Hong Kong Trade Descriptions (Unfair Trade Practices) (Amendment) Ordinance 2012 is now in force. The amendments extend the scope of the…

Andrew Austin, Richard Bird, John Blain, Victoria White

Amendments to the PRC Trade Mark Law

China - September 17 2013 The National People's Congress (NPC) recently approved the long awaited amendments to the PRC Trade Mark law, to take effect in May 2014.

Richard Bird

New rules for online personal privacy in force 1 September 2013: implications for doing business in China

China - August 16 2013 The past year has seen China bring forward a raft of new regulatory initiatives relating to data privacy, all with a particular focus on the…

Yang Xun

Hong Kong data privacy update

Hong Kong - July 22 2011 The Personal Data (Privacy) (Amendment) Bill 2011 (PDP Amendment Bill) was published this month, drawing a line under a turbulent 18 months for data privacy regulation in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong data privacy update

Hong Kong - May 27 2011 Hong Kong's long-awaited data privacy reforms are set to arrive in July 2011, reflecting months of government consultations and the intervention of some high-profile enforcement actions.

Connie Carnabuci