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The European ‘Cookie Monster’ - Digital services and cookies under scrutiny

European Union - August 12 2022 European lawmakers and data protection authorities have been very active recently regarding the lawful use of cookies and other digital services…

Gernot Fritz, Jérôme Philippe, Satya Staes Polet, Michael Schwaab, Dr. Christoph Werkmeister

CJEU encourages representative actions as data privacy litigation increases

European Union, United Kingdom - June 24 2022 Across the EU and the UK, data privacy litigation is on the rise. Potential plaintiffs have multiple avenues at their disposal to bring actions for…

Severin Kehrer, Basya Klinger, Martin Mekat, Vincent Piegsa, Sunil Singh, Rhodri Thomas, Dr. Christoph Werkmeister

Dutch administrative court awards non-material damages of EUR 2,500 for a breach of GDPR

Netherlands - September 6 2021 However, in a recent case the Administrative Court in Rotterdam awarded compensation for non-material damages in the amount of EUR 2,500 (the decision…

Basya Klinger

Non-material damages and the GDPR - what’s next in the Netherlands?

European Union, Netherlands - May 18 2021 In our global data breach risk report, we included some information on litigation risk and damages claims across jurisdictions worldwide. In this…

Basya Klinger

EU's ePrivacy reforms: a Dutch perspective

European Union, Netherlands - April 12 2021 As mentioned in the introduction to our blog series on ePrivacy Regulation in the EU, the EU Council has reached a compromise agreement on its…

Satya Staes Polet, Hiske Roos