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ESG x Fintech: Investing sustainably

United Kingdom - August 13 2021 Sustainability is perhaps the hottest of all topics currently, and its relevance to financial services has come into sharp focus in recent years…

Fran Kahr, Cyrus Pocha

A busy day in Threadneedle street means good news for new and ambitious banks

United Kingdom - August 6 2021 The Old Lady's Resolution Directorate had a busy day on 22 July publishing both a consultation paper on the Bank of England's review of its approach…

Michael Raffan

What might happen when cash is no longer king?

United Kingdom - June 10 2021 The Bank of England has published a Discussion Paper which sets out its thoughts on new forms of digital money, including on the potential impact of…

Rodwell Ndengeya, Cyrus Pocha

‘Strong and simple’ - a new prudential framework for small UK banks and building societies

United Kingdom - May 7 2021 Since Sam Woods’ speech last November, we have been expecting proposals for a new prudential regime for smaller banks and building societies. Last…

Fran Kahr, Michael Raffan

The outlook for UK challenger banks

European Union, United Kingdom - April 28 2021 It has now been some years since challenger banks started making their presence known in the UK. EU regulatory reform in the shape of the Payments…

Michael Raffan, Francesca Triggs