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What to expect from US enforcement agencies in 2022

USA - January 18 2022 In recent months, public statements by the Biden administration and senior officials from US enforcement agencies attest to a renewed focus on…

Eric Bruce, Daniel Cendan, Aaron R. Marcu, Olivia Radin, Adam Siegel

Southern District of New York Rules on Knowledge Requirement Applicable to Claims for Trafficking in Confiscated Cuban Property Under Helms-Burton Act

USA - January 7 2022 The Southern District of New York has become the latest U.S. federal court to consider the knowledge requirement under Title III of the Helms-Burton…

David Livshiz, Linda H. Martin, Christian Vandergeest, Thomas W. Walsh, Nabeel Yousef

DOJ Announces Significant Corporate Enforcement Policy Changes

USA - November 2 2021 Last week, in a virtual keynote address delivered at the American Bar Association’s Annual Conference on White Collar Crime, Deputy Attorney General…

Eric Bruce, Jennifer Loeb, Aaron R. Marcu, Olivia Radin, Adam Siegel

US DOJ Sets the Stage for Biden Enforcement Priorities and Potential New Challenges for Corporations Engaged in Global Business

USA - October 20 2021 In recent months, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) has begun to signal the Biden administration’s enforcement agenda as well as some of the methods…

Adam Siegel

OFAC’s Updated Sanctions and Ransomware Advisory Raises the Standard of Care

USA - September 28 2021 Last week, on September 21, 2021, the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) added a foreign cryptocurrency exchange and…

Andrew Bulovsky, Stephanie Brown Cripps, Brock Dahl, Nabeel Yousef