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Reminder of new share plan registration regime

United Kingdom - May 8 2015 For the first time companies are required to register with HMRC their employee share plans with participating UK tax payer employees via an online…

Simon Evans, Alice Greenwell

Changes to HMRC's rules on calculating value of listed shares

United Kingdom - April 8 2015 We thought it would be helpful to remind you that HMRC's rules on how to calculate the value of listed shares and securities for income tax purposes…

Simon Evans, Alice Greenwell

EBA consults on draft remuneration guidelines

European Union - March 13 2015 On 4 March, the European Banking Authority (EBA) published a consultation paper 'Draft Guidelines on Sound Remuneration Policies'. The guidelines are…

Timon Grau, Kathleen Healy, Thomas Müller-Bonanni, Nicholas Squire, Caroline Stroud

Bankers' bonus cap EBA issues investigation report and opinion on EU bankers' allowances

European Union - October 16 2014 The European Banking Authority has issued its hotly anticipated investigation report on whether the use of 'role-based' allowances by certain…

Alice Greenwell, Caroline Stroud

Bankers' bonus cap: ECJ hears the UK's legal challenge

European Union, United Kingdom - September 8 2014 The UK Government's legal challenge seeking annulment of the Capital Requirements Directive IV (CRD4) provisions on bankers' bonus caps was heard…

Alice Greenwell, Caroline Stroud