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COP27: mitigating climate change and navigating the legal risk of greenwashing

OECD, United Kingdom, USA - November 2 2022 In this post in our series looking at the four pillars of the COP27 goals and vision, we look at mitigation. A core objective of COP27 is for states…

Felix Roscam Abbing, Jan Henning Buschfeld, Rachel Duffy, Simon Duncombe, Stefanie Fay, Lukas Pfister, Elvira Sihvola, Rachel Stephens

What’s next in addressing climate-related financial risk?

Global - February 23 2022 It has become undeniable that banks and other financial institutions will need to grapple with the risks associated with climate change, from a…

Lauren Kaplin J.D., David Livshiz, Elvira Sihvola