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Worklife2.0 - EU releases its package on better protection for platform workers

European Union - December 9 2021 The EU Commission published its long-awaited platform workers proposals on Thursday 9 December. This is an important milestone in a very long process…

Raquel Flórez, Holly Insley, Laura Llangozi, Amy Rentell

Climate change and the workplace: What do global employers need to know?

Global, OECD, United Kingdom - November 15 2021 People across the world are exposed to climate change to different extents, and the same is true for the workplace. The 26th UN Climate Change…

Karin Buzanich-Sommeregger, Christel Cacioppo, Stephanie Chiu, Boris Dzida, Kathleen Healy, Charles Magoffin, Maj Vaseghi

WorkLife 2.0: Director and employee incentivisation - going green?

European Union, Global, United Kingdom - November 1 2021 Incentivisation is designed to attract, engage, and retain talent. It comes in many different forms and is an increasingly sensitive area in today’s…

Kristin Kammann, Laura Llangozi, Clemence Bossee Pelon, Amy Rentell

WorkLife2.0 - Climate change and the workplace

Global, United Kingdom - October 25 2021 The 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) will take place in Glasgow starting from Sunday 31 October. COP26 will bring parties…

Laura Llangozi, Amy Rentell

Whistleblowing in the EU: More questions arise from the 2019 directive as we reach the implementation deadline

European Union - September 21 2021 As we approach the December deadline by which EU member states are due to implement the 2019 Directive on the protection of whistleblowers, global…

Thomas Granetzny, Holly Insley, Laura Llangozi