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Antitrust enforcers’ attention on labor markets spreading across the globe: a new legal battlefield?

United Kingdom, USA - March 20 2023 Antitrust enforcement in labor markets has gained momentum in recent months as agencies in the US, Europe and Asia signal tougher enforcement against…

Cecilia Carli, Ninette Dodoo, Sarah Jensen, Ermelinda Spinelli, Kaori Yamada

Global Antitrust in 2023: The Changing Face of Antitrust

Global - February 17 2023 Antitrust enforcement is in a period of flux as it grapples with a mounting political perception that it is not doing enough to address some of the…

Ninette Dodoo, Joanna Goyder, Jan Jeram, Kailun Ji, Natalie Pettinger Kearney, Kara King, Thomas McGrath, Ermelinda Spinelli

The FTC’s New Year’s Resolution: Out with Post-Employment Non-Competes

USA - January 9 2023 The US Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) is following through on its commitment to more closely police competition issues in labor markets. As we…

Lori Goodman, Nicole F. Foster, Brandon Gantus, Andrew Herman, Kara King, Angela Landry, Morgan Marmaro, Bruce McCulloch

FTC Seeks To Revive Prohibitions Against “Unfair” Competition

USA - November 16 2022 On November 10, 2022, the Democratic commissioners at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) voted out a new policy statement outlining how the agency…

Kara King, Angela Landry, Kara Reid

Antitrust Scrutiny Intensifies for Private Equity

United Kingdom, USA - October 25 2022 Led by antitrust officials in the US appointed by President Biden, authorities around the world have turned a critical eye towards private equity…

Felix Roscam Abbing, Paul van den Berg, Laurent Bougard, Alastair Chapman, Meytal McCoy