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Regulating the metaverse - a day in the life

Global - December 20 2021 My flying unicorn broke down this morning, so I’m late for work at the meta-Financial Services Authority ("meta-FSA"). Normally my boss (avatar: a…

John Risness, Emily Smith

Regulatory capital and climate change: a rewarding report

Global, United Kingdom - November 4 2021 Just prior to the start of COP26, the PRA published a report which, amongst other things, explores the relationship between climate change and the…

Melanie Fitzsimons, Michael Raffan

OPE springs eternal: UK Treasury calls for evidence on how financial services can be provided by overseas persons

European Union, United Kingdom - December 21 2020 The UK has long allowed non-UK institutions to provide financial services to customers in the UK under a variety of different regimes. With the end…

Claire Harrop

Insurance and COVID 19 - the FCA’s increasing focus on consumer protection

United Kingdom - October 27 2020 The FCA’s focus on consumer protection is not new. As one of the three objectives of the FCA, it underpins all of the FCA’s work. In turn, Principles…

Daniel Newton, Emily Tilden-Smith

The UK Investment Firms Prudential Regime

European Union, United Kingdom - July 14 2020 HM Treasury’s policy statement on prudential standards in the Financial Services Bill and an FCA Discussion Paper have set out more detail on the new…

Melanie Fitzsimons