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The European ‘Cookie Monster’ - Digital services and cookies under scrutiny

European Union - August 12 2022 European lawmakers and data protection authorities have been very active recently regarding the lawful use of cookies and other digital services…

Mark Egeler, Gernot Fritz, Satya Staes Polet, Michael Schwaab, Dr. Christoph Werkmeister

Q&A: merger notification and clearance in France

France - July 30 2022 A brief overview of key procedures and practical considerations surrounding merger notification and clearance in France, including timetables, documentation and sanctions for noncompliance.

François Gordon

In brief: the key features of merger control legislation in France

France - July 30 2022 A look at the key features of the merger control legislation in France, including filing requirements, review thresholds and necessary regulatory approvals.

François Gordon

Spotlight: foreign investment review procedure in France

France - October 18 2021 An overview of the authorities' review process for foreign investment in France, including key thresholds for review, timeframes and procedural requirements.

Aude Guyon

A general introduction to foreign investment regulation in France

France - October 18 2021 A general overview of the foreign investment regime in France, with particular regard to recent developments.

Aude Guyon