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Worklife 2.0: The Effective Collective - 2022 in review and what to expect in 2023

United Kingdom - January 10 2023 In the months leading up to the end of 2022 an increasing number of unions chose to take strike action in an escalation of often long-running…

Kathleen Healy, Amy Rentell, Rhianna Thornton-Reid, Rebecca Webster

WorkLife 2.0: Trends to look out for in group workforce claims in 2021

European Union, United Kingdom - March 9 2021 In our recent blog post we predicted that, for a variety of reasons, the year ahead would likely see an increase in group workforce claims. The types…

David Mendel, Catie Mulrennan, Caroline Stroud

UK pension scheme funding - where are we now?

United Kingdom - December 11 2020 In case you missed them, over the past few months we have published the following on defined benefit pension scheme funding in the UK: the immediate…

Gareth Davies, Charles Magoffin

Clarifying the DSAR landscape - new guidance from the ICO

United Kingdom - October 29 2020 The right of individuals to access their personal data has been a fundamental facet of data protection law for a number of decades, with the…

Amy Rentell

Human oversight, individual rights and AI systems in the workplace in the UK

European Union, United Kingdom - October 9 2020 Artificial intelligence - and the risk of it generating potentially arbitrary and/or discriminatory results - captured public and press attention at…

David Mendel