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The global anti-bribery and corruption landscape

Global - June 11 2018 The anti-bribery and corruption landscape continues to evolve as more countries update their laws or step-up enforcement efforts. To assist our…

Dr. Marius Berenbrok, Michelle Ann Bramley, Caroline Doherty de Novoa, Adam Siegel.

World Bank Debarment - May 2017

Canada, Global - May 11 2017 The World Bank finances more than $64bn in development projects each year, the vast majority of which are carried out in high-risk jurisdictions...

Daniel Braun, Jeroen van Hezewijk, Emily Holland, Jane Jenkins, Dimitri Lecat, Gabriel Mpubani, Norbert Nolte, William Robinson, Kim Rosenberg, Jonathan Ware.

SFO wins judicial review case challenging its request for assistance from criminal authorities abroad

United Kingdom - March 30 2017 Over the past twelve months, the SFO has twice faced judicial review of its decisions and both times it has won...

UK considers reforms on holding companies liable for economic crime

United Kingdom - January 26 2017 The UK Government is considering significant changes to the law on corporate crime. This follows criticism from prosecutors, politicians and others…

Matthew Bruce, Ruby Hamid, Katie Palms, Ali Sallaway, Caroline Stroud.

Anti-bribery and corruption: global enforcement and legislative developments 2016

Global - January 25 2016 Over the past couple of years, we have seen more countries bring enforcement actions against companies for bribing foreign officials. These include…

Dr. Marius Berenbrok, Michelle Ann Bramley, David Scott, Adam Siegel.