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Sustainability claims in the regulatory spotlight: new guidelines on advertising with sustainability claims in the Netherlands

Netherlands - February 22 2023 In the past two years, ‘greenwashing’ and sustainability claims have come under increasing regulatory scrutiny in the Netherlands. The Netherlands…

Jan-Jaap Koningsveld

COP27: mitigating climate change and navigating the legal risk of greenwashing

OECD, United Kingdom, USA - November 2 2022 In this post in our series looking at the four pillars of the COP27 goals and vision, we look at mitigation. A core objective of COP27 is for states…

Jan Henning Buschfeld, Rachel Duffy, Simon Duncombe, Stefanie Fay, Jennifer King, Lukas Pfister, Elvira Sihvola, Rachel Stephens

Antitrust Scrutiny Intensifies for Private Equity

United Kingdom, USA - October 25 2022 Led by antitrust officials in the US appointed by President Biden, authorities around the world have turned a critical eye towards private equity…

Paul van den Berg, Laurent Bougard, Alastair Chapman, Meytal McCoy, Jan Rybnicek

In brief: the key features of merger control legislation in Netherlands

Netherlands - July 30 2022 A look at the key features of the merger control legislation in Netherlands, including filing requirements, review thresholds and necessary regulatory approvals.

Paul van den Berg, Winfred Knibbeler

Q&A: merger notification and clearance in Netherlands

Netherlands - July 30 2022 A brief overview of key procedures and practical considerations surrounding merger notification and clearance in Netherlands, including timetables, documentation and sanctions for noncompliance.

Paul van den Berg, Winfred Knibbeler