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Worklife 2.0: Employers of record - the sky is the limit? Part 2 - intellectual property

USA - November 30 2022 As we have discussed previously in the Worklife 2.0 series (see our previous blog post here), employers of Record (EoRs) allow companies to tap into…

Regina Erie, Alice Greenwell, Giles Pratt, Cameron Skinner

Worklife 2.0: The Effective Collective - Till derecognition do us part

United Kingdom - November 9 2022 Since their heyday in the 1970s, union membership in the UK has been in decline. Unions have often been considered synonymous with traditional…

Lucy Carruthers, Kathleen Healy, Amy Rentell

Part 2: The 'S' of ESG - what might this mean for UK pension schemes and their employers?

United Kingdom - April 26 2022 In our last blog we considered the immediate ESG implications of the Ukraine situation on trustees of UK pension schemes (link here). This article…

Gareth Davies, Andrew Murphy

Part 1: The Ukraine crisis - implications for UK pension schemes from an ESG perspective, their employers and social investment

Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom - April 19 2022 The invasion of Ukraine by Russia, and the wide-ranging sanctions subsequently imposed by the international community, have led to volatility in…

Gareth Davies, Andrew Murphy

The Parker Review - 'At Least One by '21'

United Kingdom - March 18 2022 Hot on the heels of the FTSE Women Leaders Review, which was published last month, the latest Parker Review (the Review) into ethnic diversity of UK…

Rachel Harris, Jack Harrison, Holly Insley