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Labour law and the gas crisis: How can companies save energy?

Germany - September 21 2022 The energy crisis is omnipresent in Germany. While gas storage levels are currently fairly high compared to last year, gas and electricity prices…

Flavia Lang

Labour law and gas crisis: Who bears the remuneration risk of a of a work stoppage due to energy shortages

Germany - September 1 2022 The European gas crisis, triggered by the conflict in Ukraine, continues to present enormous economic challenges for the continent, particularly in…

Manuel Jäger, Valentin Lang, Kathrin Thomas

Employing refugees from Ukraine

European Union, Ukraine, United Kingdom - April 21 2022 The unfolding humanitarian crisis affecting those fleeing the war in Ukraine continues to trigger action from different stakeholders, including…

Jean-François Gerard, Laura Llangozi, David Mendel, Amy Rentell

Short-time work and short-time allowances in Germany

Germany - March 19 2020 The instrument under German Law for helping employers in a crisis where they can no longer afford to continue to employ employees for a temporary…

Rene Döring, Niklas Eckert

Global Employment Law - What's New? Winter 2016

Asia-Pacific, Belgium, China, European Union, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom - February 12 2016 Under the headline ‘building public trust’, Freshfields’ fourth annual Legal Landscape was launched in early January 2016, highlighting relevant…

Jean-François Gerard, Fan Li, Ludovica Mascaretti, Satya Staes Polet, Seri Takahashi