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Schrödinger’s Shades of Grey: the CJEU’s landmark paroxetine ruling - antitrust market definition and patent settlement agreements

United Kingdom, European Union - February 3 2020 When does a pharmaceutical company’s granted patent prevent the entry of a generic competitor? The answer is, frequently, grey. Through Schrödinger’s...

Sharon Malhi, Justin Stewart-Teitelbaum.

The EPO’s fourth law of robotics: a robot must not be the inventor of a patent

European Union - January 30 2020 Isaac Asimov famously coined the three laws of robotics in the 1940s, but these didn’t explain whether a robot (or artificial intelligence) could be...

What’s FRAND got to do with it?

United Kingdom - January 21 2020 Put another way, who needs a trial when FRAND ain’t in issue? The English Patent Court was forced to consider this logical conundrum recently in the...

Laura Whiting.

ECJ rules that the sale of second-hand e-books infringes copyright

European Union - December 20 2019 The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that supplying e-books by way of download for permanent use constitutes a “communication to the public”...

Theresa Ehlen, Paul Abbott, Alexandra Morgan.

UK Supreme Court: employee owed £2m for 1980s invention

United Kingdom - October 23 2019 The UK Supreme Court handed down its judgment today in Shanks v Unilever (link to Supreme Court judgment). This broadens the circumstances in which...

Ben Cohen.