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Section 75 debt arrangements and the Pensions Regulator: employment, pensions and benefits briefing 215

United Kingdom - July 29 2016 Certain events - such as a re-organisation - can trigger an obligation for an employer to contribute to its defined-benefit pension scheme (a…

Charles Magoffin, David Pollard

Pensions Commutation and member options: trustee duties and the role of the actuary

United Kingdom - July 31 2013 Pension schemes often include options for members – in particular for commutation of part of the pension to a (tax free) lump sum on retirement. In…

Alex Fricke, Charles Magoffin, Andrew Murphy, David Pollard

COVID-19: The impact on pension scheme funding and potential actions which employers and trustees can take

United Kingdom - April 5 2020 The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is placing the funding, investment and covenant position of UK defined benefit pension schemes under huge pressur…

Gareth Davies, Lauren Jackson, Charles Magoffin, Andrew Murphy, Tharusha Rajapakse

Money purchase pension schemes: comparison of trust based (OPS) with contract based (PP)

United Kingdom - April 16 2013 Employers are increasingly looking at contributing to a defined contribution (DC) or money purchase pension arrangement for employees. This…

Alison Wai Chi Chung, Charles Magoffin, Lindsay McLeod, Andrew Murphy, David Pollard

Excepted Group Life Policies - an alternative solution? What employers need to know

United Kingdom - January 15 2016 As Excepted Group Life Policies (EGLPs) fall outside the registered pension scheme regime, they have become an increasingly popular solution for…

Alison Wai Chi Chung, Charles Magoffin, Andrew Murphy