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An overview of the Hong Kong Competition Ordinance

Hong Kong - March 5 2013 In June 2012, Hong Kong welcomed the long-awaited Competition Ordinance (the CO), the first competition law that applies to the entire economy of Hong…

Jenny Connolly

Hong Kong passes its first economy-wide competition law

Hong Kong - June 29 2012 After two rounds of heated public consultations and a long legislative passage, on 22 June 2012 Hong Kong's first economy-wide Competition Bill was formally signed into law.

Margaret Wang

Cancelling registered trademarks in China for non-use

China - May 16 2012 Under article 44 (4) of the 2001 PRC Trademark Law, if a registered trademark has not been used for three consecutive years any party may file a non-use cancellation application with the China trademark Office.

Richard Bird

Hong Kong data privacy update

Hong Kong - May 27 2011 Hong Kong's long-awaited data privacy reforms are set to arrive in July 2011, reflecting months of government consultations and the intervention of some high-profile enforcement actions.

Mark Parsons

Banking and financial services outsourcing in Asia: the legal and regulatory essentials

Asia-Pacific - May 17 2011 Asia's banking and financial services sector is increasingly looking to outsourcing and offshoring as important features of regional operations strategies.

Mark Parsons